It’s been a long long time, but the BB58 sim is alive again, and with that the enthousiasm! Hoping to order the second projector/beamer soon, and start working on the doors tomorrow. The BaronSim is┬áready for another flight!



Projection 2.0

The other day I already got some MDF panels to replace the cloth screen with a more solid wooden one. One side of the panels was already painted white/coated, so that saved me some work. Attaching them to the ceiling on my own was quite a challenge but finally I managed to get three panels up in somewhat of a curve.


Since I have one projector, three panels will do for the moment. I have more panels, but I’ll focus on getting the curve into the three I have up now.
After that I started experimenting with Immersive Display lite2. This to corrected the curved image on the screen. I had some trouble with the software, but finally I got it sorted out.

Before correction (wideview aspect on)
Before correction (wideview aspect on)
After correction (wideview aspect on)
After correction (wideview aspect on)
Before correction
After correction

I also made a small device (like, a piece of cardboard) to prefent the projector from projecting on the nose.


Next up I will get more of a curve into the panels. I already have an idea on how to that, but I’ll tell you more about that in a later blog.


Projector, Projection screen, and more.

Hello all. The summer has ended. Well, calenderwise it has. But over here the temperatures have dropped and the long evenings sitting outside with a cold beer (or two) are over.
But, the days of the sim have returned! One very very very annoying issue is the temperatures inside the room. With all the equipment running it gets really warm in there, especially when it’s 25+ degrees outside. So simming in the summer is no good idea at all (and no, I don’t have the money for an airco unit).
One thing I did in the summer was ordering a projector, an Optoma GT1070X to be precise. A HD short throw beamer. I also worked on a curved projection for ages. I wanted it to made of cloth, but after days and days trying to get it in a smooth curve I gave up. So next up is building a curved screen from MDF.

IMG_7581 IMG_8091 IMG_8121 IMG_8124

Today I worked on the top of the glareshield, and covered it with some black shiny cloth I had left. That looks much better than the newspapers I had to look at before.

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IMG_8429 IMG_8432

Glareshield, and more interior.

After finishing the lower half of the interior, it was finally time to start working on the glare shield. This is for me one of the biggest challenges, since I don’t know how to achieve this in the right way. There’s no how-to on the internets to be found, so I just started with some cardboard and paper-mache, and see how it would end up.

IMG_7512 IMG_7513

When I had the main shape of the glare shield like I wanted it, I made the front edge with some polystyrene from packages from the stuff I ordered for this project and started wrapping it up with paper mache.

IMG_7515 IMG_7516 IMG_7517 IMG_7519 IMG_7520

In the meantime I went to the hardware store for some isolation foam that I could use to fill up the space between the wooden panels and beams, for future upholstery.

IMG_7527 IMG_7546 IMG_7529

And the last couple of days it was just apply layer, let it dry. Apply layer, let it dy, apply layer, let dry. No, working with paper mache is not my favourite, but it looks like it’s doing the job when it comes to creating a glareshield.

And last but not least, my short throw Projector came in yesterday, so I’ll start experimenting with that tomorrow. See ya!

IMG_7568 IMG_7574 IMG_7577 IMG_7567


Finally! Some significant progress in this Beechcraft cockpit building project!
A couple of days ago I ordered two new (saitek) rudder pedals (two untits, that is) for not too much money. The one I had had one broken toe-brake, wich made taxiing close to impossible. So that’s finally sorted.
Today I started with the lower half of the interior, the space for the rudder pedals and a lower console (The original Beechcraft doesnt have one, but I wanted one anyway, to hide cables, etc.
But first my mother stopped by, to drop off a light blocking cloth to hang before the windows. Now I will be able to fly before 11pm, because the sun is beaming straight on the flight sim part of the house between 4pm and sunset. Thanks Mum!!

IMG_7482 IMG_7488

I wanted the lower console to rise up in a certain slope to match the trim wheel, but the mdc wouldn’t make that sharp of a curve, so in the end I just made it a flat one. Now I have some nice space to place my beer on :).
For the pedals area I used some carpet we had still lying around somewhere, and it matched rather well.

IMG_7487 IMG_7484
And after that I installed several panels I painted white to make it look a bit bigger.

And here’s the end result. Now I’m having diner, and after that a well earned flight!

IMG_7492 IMG_7491 IMG_7489 IMG_7493